C&W Instrumentation Division


Compliant to all ISO / ANSI standards for Field / Bench Instrument Calibration and Installation of all types of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tubing 

Contact Person - Carson Rogers: 804-565-3919

Our technicians have years of experience in industrial process control instrumentation, calibration and installation. We have technicians certified ISA CCST.

C&W Instrumentation has three mobile calibration labs, complete with all test equipment needed for calibration of any type of process control instruments.

Our customers enjoy Chewning & Wilmer, Inc.'s ability to provide Turn-Key E&I installations.

On a typical new construction project, C&W Instrumentation will:

  • Procure specified instruments
  • Receive and store instruments in a secure, environmentally controlled space.
  • Calibrate instruments to owners specifications using NIST traceable test equipment, and ISA standards.
  • Document all calibrations
  • Document transfer of instruments to other crafts for installation
  • Install all types of process control instruments on pre-manufactured stands or custom designed mounts.
  • Install all types of pneumatic control, signal, and impulse tubing.

On a typical instrument control panel, C&W Instrumentation will:

  • Assist in design of panel
  • Procure specified instruments
  • Calibrate instruments with NIST traceable test equipment.
  • Install and tube instruments as required. 

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